Friday, May 20, 2011

She's got all the right curves!

The other day I was sitting on my couch perusing through a catalog when I flipped to a page that made me stop in my tracks. OK, so I know you don't really make tracks when you're sitting on the couch eating a cookie, but I liked the dramatic effect that sentence added : ) Anyhoo... Gracing this page was the most beautiful figure I've seen in a long time. Curvacious and AMAZINGLY toned. I stared at it... It stared back... For what seemed like forever (actual time: 5 minutes) I sat there staring... contemplating... Was it even at all possible for me to achieve a figure as beautiful as this?!? Motivation struck! I set down my cookie (OK, so I stuffed the rest of it in my mouth as though it was the last cookie I would ever have in my whole entire life - please don't judge me:) ), I got up and changed my clothes, and then I got to work. With a little bending, some stretching, and a whole lot of perspiring this is how my figure looks now...

Isn't she lovely?!?

Here's what she looked like before...
A little too pale & gold for my taste. This was a lamp I inherited from my Nana about 2 years ago. I loved the lines but the color left much to be desired. I thought about painting it a million times but I was trigger shy PLUS I didn't want to harbor the guilt of ruining yet another one of Nana's treasured possessions - why did I paint that perfectly good mirror?!?

Here's the picture that motivated me to grab my ORB spray paint...
source: Pottery Barn
I LOVE the dramatic curves and the bronzish/goldish/ironish tone!

Here's one more look at my curvacious figure : )

Well worth the 10 minutes of hard work!

Happy Friday!

Until next time...

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  1. Funny! Yes, she has great curves. I love ORB, used it many times. I just polished off a chocolate cupcake and about to finish a paint job. Kindred spirits? I think so.

  2. Love your little lamp! I am constantly amazed at what bloggers can do with a can of spray paint...I popped over from Sunday Showcase and am a new follower. Your blog is very fun...come visit me if you have time! ~Ann

  3. Wow...I love the color. It makes the lamps look super expensive! ;)I'm visiting from Debbiedoos and am now following you.


  4. Please add ,my link or button to your post. I love spray paint, it really makes a huge difference.

  5. The lamp turned out nice, but I also love the painting you have behind the lamp. Beautiful!

  6. hi I'm coming from Debbiedoos blogging blabbing,,I love meeting new bloggers,, nice job I love your display,

  7. Ooooh thta is very pretty. I love the shade as well. Hooray for spray paint!

    Popping over form Debbiedoos!

  8. Wow, I love it! Turned out really great. What color spray paint did you use?