Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hair Bow/Clip/Headband Organizer

So, does anyone else out there have a little girl who comes with a zillion hair bows that end up ALL over the house and in deep dark baskets and you find yourself spending all of your precious time in the morning searching the entire house or digging through deep, dark baskets hunting for the perfect bow to compliment the perfect outfit all while trying to make breakfast, get everyone dressed, brush everyone's hair & teeth, change diapers, slap on some deoderant and lipgloss and make it to Preschool, gymnastics, playdates, and library programs on time?!?

If you said "YES", then this is the project for you!
And if you said "NO", then this is still the project for you because who doesn't love making something cute & practical for their "Little(s)" : )

Here it is... My Hair Bow/Clip/Headband Organizer (below the "dream" sign)

I LOVE it!!! It has been a HUGE time saver! I find what I'm looking for with just a glance.
Now, every time a bow/clip comes off of "Buggy" it goes here. (I still need to hang the headbands.)

I hung it on the backside of "Buggy's" bedroom door (see below) - there was already a hook for the "dream" sign. I have visions of hanging it on the wall near the vanity area that I want to make for her room - someday : )

Here's what you'll need to make your own:
Painting canvas - I used a 16 x 20 size canvas. I purchased a 5-pack at Michael's for $15 awhile back for some other projects I made and hope to post soon.
Paint (optional) - I chose to paint my canvas a yellow color to match the color of "Buggy's" room. I was going to use the leftover paint from her room but it had spoiled. I ended up using acrylic craft paint. You could easily skip this part and keep your canvas white as the ribbon will/can add a lot of color.
Paint brush (if you choose to paint your canvas)
Ribbon - I used ribbon of different widths and coordinating colors (I used what I had on hand). By the way, did you know you can iron extremely wrinkled ribbon and make it look good as new?!? I gave it a go and it worked wonderfully!
Masking/Painters Tape
Staple gun

Here's what you'll need to do:
1) Paint your canvas (if you choose to do so) and let it dry. (I let mine dry for about an hour.)
2) Lay out and play around with ribbon to create desired pattern. (I stacked some ribbon - wide on bottom, skinny on top - to give it a little more oomph as the majority of the ribbon I used was solid colored.
3) Once the desired pattern is created, use a pencil to mark ribbon placement on the outer edge of the canvas. This will create a helpful guide for the stapling part of the project.
4) Cut ribbon into strips making sure they are long enough to both cover the front AND wrap around to the back side far enough to cover the canvas frame.
5) Set canvas upright on your work surface - using one of your hands to hold the TOP and with the bottom propped on your work surface (as it would hang on the wall). Use your other hand to line up a piece of ribbon to the corresponding ribbon placement guide mark on the canvas. Align ribbon so that it begins at/covers the back side of the canvas frame. Tape to canvas frame.
6) Lay canvas back-side up on a flat work surface. Staple ribbon to canvas frame using a staple gun. Leave other end loose for now.
7) Repeat steps 5 & 6 until all of the ribbon has been attached to the TOP back-side only.
8) Pull/smooth stapled, loose ribbon over front of canvas (until taught if just for bows and clips; just slightly loose if you plan to hang headbands) and wrap around to the BOTTOM back-side of the canvas frame. Tape to secure. Staple. Repeat until all ribbon is secure.
9) To add a ribbon hanger, cut ribbon of choice to appropriate length and secure to the TOP back-side corners of the canvas with staple gun.

No more running around the house trying to remember where you put that pink and white polka dot bow : )

Until next time...


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