Saturday, April 16, 2011

Housewarming Gift & Card

My Brother-in-law recently purchased and moved into his first home. We gave him a Welcome mat as a housewarming gift. I wrapped it in a large box and used construction paper, scissors, glue, & a white crayon to create the "gift wrap".
Here is the card I made using Microsoft Word.

Here's how I made the card:
Opened up a new Microsoft Word document.
Started at the beginning of the document and typed the word "Congratulations" until the 1st line was full.
Copy and pasted to create 4 lines.
Applied staggering fonts and font colors to text.
Copy and pasted 4 line paragraph until entire page was full.
Saved document.
Used "Snipping Tool" found in Windows, Accessories tab... select font and saved as JPEG image onto my desktop.
Opened a new document in Microsoft Word.
Inserted shapes - a square and a triangle.
Moved shapes around to create a house shape.
In Format tab, selected shape fill...
Now select "Picture"...
Found and selected my saved "Congratulations font text" JPEG image I saved onto my Desktop.
Added a Congrats & Love message below the house. DONE!

I have used this technique to make a Bridal Shower Card using a "heart" shape and alternating love & wedding text. Ex: "Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Smith's, Jane & John" "Love, Amor, Amore" "Love Birds, Soul Mates, Sweethearts"
I have also used the text, snipping tool, JPEG technique to create a picture print card using Picasa and Picnik to create/edit.

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