Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picasa Recipe Card

So, my love for Picasa grows more and more each day!
I came up with this totally fun idea for a shower gift for my soon to be sister-in-law. Initially, I had the idea of making her a recipe themed photo book, but then I started thinking that having a big book without removable pages may lead to disaster (ie. a once beautiful photo book covered in dried food and liquids - YUCK). Well, that was that! I knew I wasn't about to spend hours of my life making a beautiful product that I was already convinced wasn't going to last long. However, I also knew that I really had my heart set on making her a cookbook with my favorite recipes. I had received a family recipe book at one of my bridal showers from my mother-in-law and her family and I have treasured it for years. I use it at least weekly. I just HAD to figure this out. So, after some thought (including those of sentiment, usability, durability, & economical sensibility) I came up with this little gem.

LOVE IT!!! I've already completed 12 of them and I can not wait to make up some more!

All you need is Picasa, a recipe, a photo of the recipe (one you've taken or one from the net), and a few minutes of your time (OK, so maybe more like 10 minutes of your time if you are a total perfectionist like me and you just HAVE to find the perfect font(s); however if you figure in the time it would take to write out the recipe by hand on a card then you are pretty much breaking even) and a way to print your photo and you will have yourself the most adorable recipe card you have ever seen!
I can't wait to give these to my future SIL! I'm just sure she's going to LOVE them!

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