Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cupcake Liner Spring Flowers

This fun Spring craft idea came from "Buggy's" Storytime program at our local library. This project is GREAT for "Littles"! Buggy was able to do it ALL by her 3-year-old self after creating the first one together. It's super easy, quick, and almost mess free.
The only thing I did differently than the library was use pompoms in place of the paper punch circles. You can see examples of both in this picture.

Supplies needed for this quick and easy project:

Cupcake liners
Pompoms or paper punch circles; you could also use sequins or beads - I opted for the pompoms as they were less likely to get swallowed by "Mister" if dropped on the floor :)
Paper for leaves - cut out leaf shapes
Popsicle sticks
Glue stick - I would use regular old Elmers glue if using sequins and beads

1) Decorate the popsicle stick (flower stem) with markers.
2) Glue pompoms (or whatever you choose to use for the flower center) into cupcake liner (flower petals)
3) Glue liner onto popsicle stick
4) Glue on paper leaves
That's it! Pretty easy, right?!?

Here's how they look hanging on one of our "Art Show" walls.

Until next time...

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